Pool Leak Bucket Test

Pool Leak Bucket TestTo complete this test allow 24 hours. This is to test for loss of water above evaporation levels in your pool. Pool equipment must be switched off when marking levels and when taking measurements.

  1. Make sure the pool is at operating level
  2. Fill a plastic bucket 50mm (2inches) from the top with pool water.
  3. Place the bucket on a pool step so that the pool water level is around ¾ of the way up the outside of the bucket.
  4. Mark the water level inside the bucket.
  5. Mark the pool water level outside the bucket.
  6. Make sure no one uses the pool during the test.
  7. After 24 hours compare both levels marked on the inside and outside of the bucket.
  8. The water loss, if evaporation only, should measure the same inside and outside the bucket.
  9. If the water level measures lower outside the bucket than inside this proves the presence of a pool leak.

In case of rain, repeat the bucket test. Expect water loss from normal evaporation. Test is invalid after 24 hours. If it rains during the test, you will have to repeat all steps.