LeakTrac 2400

How the LeakTrac 2400 works in Fibreglass and Vinyl Liner Pools The sophisticated, but simple to use device puts a small electrical charge into the pool water. This charge seeks to make a connection to the ground. Since the pool liner is a good electrical insulator, the only ground connections are through conductive penetrations in the liner.

The LeakTrac detects electrical current flow in the water as it seeks these ground connections, and produces audible signals that lead the operator to the exact location of the leak.

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The Leakalyzer

The Leakalyzer enables rapid determination of a pool's water loss. It measures water level changes to the 0.005 of a mm enabling leaks to be identified in as little as 15 minutes. This device also confirms that we have found all your leaks before leaving.

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Sonic leak test equipment

Sonic leak test equipment for pin pointing position of leak in pipes, also a hydrophone underwater listening microphone.

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Pressure Testing equipment

Pressure Testing Equipment for all pool pipes.

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Diving Equipment

All year round diving equipment.

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