Swimming Pool Leak Detection

If you're continuously adding more than 3 inches of water to your pool every week, your swimming pool most likely has a leak. Whether its a plumbing issue, plaster, tile or in the shell of the pool, its worth spending the money to a repair a leak before things get worse. Swimming pool leak detection is our speciality. Please call us if you think your pool is leaking.

Our services include:

  • Detection of leaks in pools.
  • Pressure testing of underground plumbing.
  • Electronic listening technology
  • We will find your underground plumbing leak.
  • Repairs can be made underwater without draining the pool.
  • Inspection and reports.
  • Pumps, filters, Chlorinators, cleaners.
  • Pool covers, rollers.
  • Equipment repair, fitting and maintenance.
  • FREE water testing using the latest mobile waterspin technology.
Our Promise leak detection

Don't Let Your Pool Drain You! We are capable of finding and repairing YOUR leak. If your pool has a broken pipe under the pool or pool deck, we will find it. If your pool leak is underwater, we will find it by means of underwater diving and using the most modern methods to find the leak.

Not not only can we examine and test the plumbing pipework (both above and below ground), but we can also carry out a series of thorough checks on the pool shell itself and best of all, without the need for emptying or draining. By using state-of-the-art detection equipment, as well as in-pool dye testing, our trained technicians can accurately and efficiently locate/repair these leaks.